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Preview 2013 Movies

I was looking around to see what movies might interest me in 2013 when I stumbled on a wonderful site called Teaser-Tmovierailer-.com.  You can click on an upcoming movie to see the trailer.  2013 is offering a great variety to choose from some I’ll see on the big screen  others can wait for Netflix while some don’t interest me at all.

Well they don gone and resurrected Carrie again. Yep Stephen King’s Carrie is hitting the big screen again. Scheduled to be released in March. There are a few more rumored for remakes such as Annie starring Willow Smith,  (Talk has been going around for about a year now. Personally I think she’s too old for the part). And then there’s Dirty Dancing. I say why mess with perfection?

As always you’ll find family movies to keep the kids happy. The Croods, Epic & The Smurfs might be good. Then there are the Fantasy movies like Oz that I’d like to see. One flick I can’t wait to see is After Earth starring Will & Jaden Smith. Father and son team up again this time for a Sci fi fantasy that looks like it will please all.  Boys & men will like the adventure while Jaden and Will  are sure to bring girls & Moms into the theater. You can count me in.

You can bank on lots and lots of sequels or trilogys to show up: Die Hard (is this the 100th?), The Hobbit 2, Iron Man 3 Wolverine 2 and The Hunger Games 2 to name a few. There are way  too many to post but below is the link to Trailer Teasers. you can check it out yourself.

Trailers can make almost anything look good. There is even an Angry Birds movie in cue. Go figure.


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