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Leslie’s World Famous Real Fruit Pops

2013-05-30_20-40-20_254Yesterday it was so hot here in the North Eastern United States.  My poor husband Frank, like so many others had to commute from New Jersey to New York and back again.  For commuters that can mean a lot of walking in the hot sun as well as being stuffed on trains and buses like sardines.  Having done that commute at one time in my life, I know what it’s like in the summer heat. Misery!   With that in mind I decided to make a cool treat for my over heated Honey.  At first I was going to make a sorbet but quickly changed my mind to make a cool delicious iced pops and named them “Leslie’s World Famous Real Fruit Pops.”  I posed them on Facebook and they seemed to be a hit  so I thought to share the recipe with the world.

So you say you want the recipe for Leslie’s World Famous Real Fruit Pops?  Well  here it is:  I don’t have exact measurements. Just eyeball it. 🙂 At Trader Joe’s, I picked up 1 bag of frozen Mango cubes and 1 bag of frozen mixed Strawberries and Blueberries. I also used fresh cubed Watermelon. The  Pop Molds were purchased at TJ Max (I was in a loooong check-out line where they try to tempt you to buy snacks and things.  Well I did impulse shop by picking up these molds and some Jellybellys.  Don’t Judge.) You’ll also need real Vanilla Extract, Honey and a bit of water.

First Mango/Melon:  In blender smooth fruit and a little Vanilla Extract together.  Once smooth add a hit of Honey and smooth again. No Water Needed due to high water content of melon. 2013-05-30_20-42-47_801

Berry-Berry: Pour a little water in blender. Add mixed Berries and a little Vanilla Extract.  If mixture is too thick add a little more water. Then add a hint of Honey. 2013-05-30_20-41-29_37

Both fruit mixtures should be between a smoothie and a sorbet.  But it could be any consistency you like.  Pour into POP Molds.  Freeze and Enjoy! It’s a refreshing healthy treat on a hot summer day.  Your family & friends will love you for it.   Try it with your favorite fruit.  Let me know how yours come out.  Follow me on Facebook and post your picks.

Enjoy Your Summer!

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